Sunday, September 28, 2008

She Doesn't Know What She's Doing

As Deepak Chopra's pet phrase goes, and as he says in the new PC commercial:"Not a human thinking, not a human doing, but a human being!". In order to respond properly to our planet systems and life on earth, we need to rediscover what it means to be a human being. At present, there is too much doing and thinking, and too much of it is inhuman.

There is a difference between "good men doing nothing" in the face of evil, and non-doing. What that difference is, is for us to discover deep within ourselves. Which brings me back to the way children are trying to process the vast amount of depressing, planet-dying information they are presented with in school, mentioned in my previous post. Worried adults telling them to do, or stop doing - something - not only when they can't, but when their whole being is still peaceful , playful and in a state of wonder. It would be better to teach them how to meditate so they can develop a center from which to act wisely, rather than "informed" and "decisively".

After I had just posted the previous post a few hours ago, we decided to watch the Science Channel, only to come across the possibility of the volcanic magma chamber underneath Yellow Stone National Park exploding into a super eruption. The kind of thing that extinguishes dinosaurs with its explosive power and subsequent global ash clouds. There was no place to run or hide. It could happen tomorrow (for drama), or in the next 100.000 years...but...most likely not in our lifetime. There goes Plan B for cooling the earth down. Although, if you check on there are scientists who are thinking about just that.

Just when I was thinking that maybe this particular documentary before bedtime wasn't such a great idea, my little environmentalist said with obvious relief: "Finally, it isn't my fault. Even the Earth doesn't know what she's doing" - and then he fell asleep.

But - she's beautiful!

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