Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday Night Live Moment Of Zen

Here is - as Jon Steward would put it - our Moment of Zen. In regards to the feminist movement, Sarah Palin is nothing short of a Buddhist koan - a feminist who doesn't hate, but loves men, is pro-life, and enthusiastically for marriage and motherhood. What to do about feminists who are crazily in love with their decades long husband dudes, keep having babies and dare to become President - I mean, nominees for Vice President? This is akin to the revenge of the nerds - the many pale and out of shape men in the computer industry who are today's billionaires and are getting all the good-looking girls.

Sarah Palin is making all of us look bad, of course - stereotypical feminists and stereotypical stay-at-home Moms alike. But - for us husband-and-baby-loving Moms, who also believe in equal rights for women, as well as a woman's right to chose, even if we wouldn't considering abortion as a solution for ourselves - the present phenomenon of Sarah Palin is indeed sweet revenge even if we don't agree with all of her political positions. Feminists are the ones who have made staying at home with children and taking good care of a hard working husband harder on women in many cases than it ever was for our mothers.

Is she ready to lead the nation - just in case? Be that as it may. The problem is that - rightfully or not - most mothers - just like most actors and cab drivers and other folks - think that they could run the country just fine - and better than the sitting president. As far as "only" being Vice President is concerned - maybe it would even be boringly non-challenging. Another Zen Moment for campaign planners. As with most koans - and certainly in the case of Sarah Palin - silence would have been best. Of course that moment has long past.

Leave it to our royal jesters to point out the situation to us. Here as well as below, is Saturday Night Live with our yin and yang female political archetypes for us.

(I don't know what the rules are about posting videos. I first found this on YouTube where it was pulled suddenly, and then found it again on NBC - now with several adds which makes sense, but also with the embedding code, which makes me think it is OK to post it here for your enjoyment)

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