Sunday, September 14, 2008

Roald Dahl Day In Malaysia - September 13

September 13th is "Roald Dahl Day" in Malaysia. I bet you didn't know that. He was born in 1916 on that day.

I was a bit suspicious when a journalist from Malaysia contacted me last month for my opinion on Roald Dahl via my blog. Unlike most spammers, though, he was well spoken, and sounded kind and intelligent in his emails. His newspaper checked out on line as well, so I took a chance. A dangerous thing to do when your Ego has just been stroked and someone wants a picture of you as well. Why me? Is my blog that interesting after all? Reaching people as far away as Malaysia?

I do have one fundamental rule: "If it sounds too good to be true...

Today, though - thank goodness - my female intuition paid off and I received an email from my journalist friend to find out that - low and behold - Here You Are - and its author - yours truly - are indeed mentioned and quoted in Mr. Lin's article in The Star - the Malaysian Newspaper he works for. It is a well-written, entertaining, and comprehensive article about Roald Dahl. I hope you will have time to check it out - either for a nostalgic tour of the Roald Dahl books you read during your own childhood, or - to discover this great and strange author, if your children are just starting to develop the brain synapses required for his books.

I am not yet famous or jaded enough, not to be quite excited that today on the streets of Malaysia thousands of people might come across Here You Are, including my name and valued opinion on a beloved children's book writer whose greatness is beyond doubt. In Mr Lin's article there is a great picture of Roald Dahl at a book event, with one of his fans at age 8 - and then today as an adult peeking through a pile of his Roald Dahl books - a great picture which rightfully won out over the picture I had sent, which was just my author photo.

You will find my quoted opinion at the end of "The Darker Side" paragraph of Rouwen Lin's article - which is actually a good point parents might want to take into account when considering Roald Dahl's books for their children. Here also a quick link to Roald Dahl's books on Amazon - as Mr. Lin's article is bound to get you all fired up. Happy Roald Dahl Day to you!

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