Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Am Divine, I Am Oblivion - La Mamma Morta For September 11, 2008

I became interested in opera after I saw this scene in the movie Philadelphia with Tom Hanks.

Before that, opera seemed to me an over-dramatic indulgence in emotion using music - great music, no doubt, to stir up the listener into deepest sorrow, joy, romance, revenge, etc. In this song, though - emotions culminate in enlightenment. When through deepest suffering the emotions become unbearable, enlightenment can happen, and often does.

Here is the text minus the magic of the Italian language and passion you can listen to in the video. This is my post today in honor of all the victims and heroes of 9/11 and their loved ones. May all find peace, including those who continue to suffer in horrible circumstances, be that our soldiers or our enemies, but especially all the children who have to endure such pain.

There as I stumbled away with Bersi
At dead of night
A bright glow flickered
Lit up the whole street in front of me
I watched
They had set fire to my childhood home
I was alone, surrounded by emptiness
By hunger and poverty, by despair and danger
I became ill
And Bersi so good and pure
Sold her beauty for me
I bring misfortune to all who love me

It was there in such misery that love came to me,
It whispered to me with voice so sweet,
Live on for me,
I am your life,
Your heaven is in my eyes,
You are not alone,
Let your tears fall on my breast,
With you I will walk,
Smile and hope,
I am love,
All around is blood and dirt,
I am divine, I am oblivion,
I am the God who will save the world,
I am coming from heaven
To make a paradise on earth
I am love, I am love,

(Maria Callas is Maddalena in Gioedano's Opera, Andrea Chenier, singing with Montserrat Cabballe)

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