Monday, September 15, 2008

Is There A Point To Enlightenment?

Questioner: "It would seem pointless to have to go through the circle of life to finally reach enlightenment and then just disappear to nothing."

It is so pointless in fact that we miss it again and again. Our mind very, very. very much wants there to be a point to it. That is why we rather stay in "search" or "effort" towards enlightenment, because there does seem to be a point to this effort.

Once we disappear into nothing and manage to reappear here, we simply "make it a point" to help others even though there is still no point to it at all. It is also true - if people knew what enlightenment is - they would not pursue it, because it is not what they think they are pursuing.

And why would this have anything to do with motherhood? Because - just sitting on the floor and playing with your child day in and day out- at times also may seem pointless and boring - but it is closer to enlightenment than most people realize. That is why in the old days people had to serve a master for twelve years before any spiritual teachings would even be begun.

Anything that takes us closer to enlightenment is at times incredibly uncomfortable because this process is basically about dissolving selfishness. Add to that our culture, in which selfishness is celebrated and rewarded, it is tough being on this spiritual path.

Here's a hug out into the mothering universe where so many Moms/Dads - or grandparents who had to take over - fight this emotional battle within, every day at the feet of their little Buddhas.

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