Monday, September 29, 2008

Rethinking Education - Great Research

This 20 minute video of Sugata Mitra seems a little longer because the lecture is not quite as entertaining as the previous one. Nonetheless, it gets better throughout. The research is fascinating and will strike a cord with parents who see their intelligent children bored to distraction in school.

I have seen children learn how to play the piano that way, as well as all kinds of sports, languages , etc. It seems that we make it all harder than it has to be. Foreign children learning English and how to search the Internet for information in a few months, with such limited resources, is quite a wonderful discovery.

To add to this idea of rethinking education - if you have a growing little brain in your household check out this book, called Brain Rules, and the author, Dr. John Medina's Blog. He makes the point that visual learning is how we often like it best. No wonder everyone is glued to some sort of screen all hours of the day.

Until it's time to play soccer. The other point he makes. Physical activity improves learning, as most mothers have observed for years. When grades fall in Middle School - sign your kid up for wrestling, and "magically" - grades go up.

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