Thursday, September 4, 2008

Governor Palin and Motherhood

(Photo by Getty Images)

When our children were little I used to joke all the time that instead of bigger feet and bigger hips, a mother should grow an extra pair of hands and legs with each pregnancy.

Then one day, while I was making dinner, my second youngest was cutting up a banana for the baby, patiently feeding the pieces to him. My third youngest was wiping the table with a sponge, while my oldest was taking the garbage out. Suddenly it dawned on me and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

I HAD grown a pair of extra hands and feet with each pregnancy! Their little hands and feet were all very busy - proudly and happily so - with helping and making things wonderful. This never changed as they grew older, even when our family faced bigger challenges.

I had almost forgotten that day until I saw Governor Palin's family lined up at the Republican Convention passing their new little brother from family member to family member. Their baby is in good hands - many wonderful, loving hands. I see a highly functioning, loving family.

Politics and party affiliations aside - as far as Mom/Governor Palin's ability to both parent AND govern is concerned - she seems to be gifted and empowered in both areas at levels that bring Olympian swimmers like Phelps to mind. All our presidential candidates are Olympians. They manage their lives far better, and are willing to make far bigger sacrifices than most of us. It should be celebrated, and like Senator Obama, we should wish her well regardless of our political views.

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