Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday's MeditationMom Moment - God As The Number Zero

Monday's MeditationMom Moment

I have many religious discussions on various forums on line. These discussions help me have the best insights and find ways of saying things I know to be true. So - I am going to try this "new thing" on my blog called "Monday's MeditationMom Moment". I hope you like it. This one was in an atheists forum. Atheist are committed truth seekers and often had very strict religious upbringing by the wrong people, or had none, and are scientifically minded.

Consider this, scientifically minded truth seeker - God is like the number zero and is both absolute power as well as absolute powerlessness. Both undetectable and obvious depending on the circumstances. He doesn't matter, unless he does. Both at the same time. It all depends on how you use the number zero in your calculations whether it makes a difference or not. It seems when atheists and believers argue about the existence of God it is like arguing whether the number zero is a number. It is not - and yet it is - it is a non-number-number. It names that, which is not. God is that, which is not matter. It is that out of which everything arises and to which everything returns. As such it matters more than matter itself. People who say God exists and people who say he doesn't exist - are both right for reasons they do not understand.

If we thought of God as the number 0, and were to describe an atheist as the number 5, a believer would be the number 05. Jesus would be the number 50, and someone like Hitler would be the number 55.

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