Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Truth About Meth

If you can handle one more depressing post this week - here's the truth about Meth. Since I work with college kids, and since a lot of parents and teachers read this blog I like to put even sad and depressing information on here if it can serve to educate and give timely warnings. Casual decisions to "experiement" may be prevented that way.

YouTube is full of helpful videos, but usually I end up with only one or two that hit the nail on the head. In that way my hour on YouTube saves someone else the time and trouble. ( I watched two hours of water drops to finally decide on my one clip for the Water Drop Perfection post) That is the video to watch after any depressing videos, by the way - or the one of The Laughing Quadruplets)

Then, of course, there is always meditation to end your suffering from depressing posts - or any other suffering.

Meth is highly addictive and destructive to the brain after only a few weeks. The earlier one knows the facts, the better. I know some great kids from good families who tried Meth "to have more energy to study or to lose weight". Their parents were in one of our workshops where we taught them the signs of use which not only made it possible for the parents to become aware of what was going on, but they had also already learned communication skills in our workshop to be able to reach out to their children effectively. These were extremely lucky cases since there is such a small window of time before it becomes very difficult.

The good news is that Meth use in the US is way down according to government statistics. Nonetheless - there are hundreds of kids out there who need reliable information and education about the subject, as well as alternatives to finding the peace and joy they are seeking. A picture - aka a YouTube Video - is worth a thousand words -

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