Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Hug For Southwest Airlines

It's the Christmas season and people everywhere are stressed, short tempered and in a rush. Not so the employees of Southwest Airlines! On my recent trip to Seattle things got pretty hectic on the way to the plane and I hadn't even noticed that I had left my purse behind in security check until it was handed back to me, literally as I stepped onto the airplane, by a well-dressed, friendly Southwest Airline employee who had made it his single duty to reunite me with my purse, and said:"You look like Mayke" when he had matched me to my driver's license picture. As the problem of losing my purse, and the relief of having it back all washed over me at once, and this nice young man was smiling at me in triumph, I gave him a big hug which surprised all of us and had everyone smiling, since everyone could relate.

So, Thank You, Southwest!!! It saved my short weekend in Seattle, visiting my grandchild - where a grandma definitely needs her credit card.

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