Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mockingbird Books In Seattle

7220 Woodlawn Ave. NE, Seattle, WA

Mockingbird Books is a unique and wonderful new children's bookstore in Seattle, WA. Spacious and full of light, and furnished with big tables to read and play at for small children, it is a great place to hang out with your little one.

The book selection is fantastic and obviously caters to the smart kids in Seattle who often already are members of Science and History Museums before they are two. Seattle is full of highly educated, young parents who are looking for educational fun for their curious offspring. Museums are one thing, and a cozy bookstore - well, it can't be beat.

We spent a whole hour there with our grandchild after visiting the Seattle Aquarium. And - since my son had discovered it a week earlier, babysitting Seattle style - reading in a bookstore - while my daughter-in-law had a chiropractor appointment a block away - they knew all about Here You Are and are happily carrying it now. So - if you are in Seattle with a little's a great destination.

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