Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is my one-year-old grandchild's favorite animal. He even owns a stuffed "Occopooey" he often wears on his head. This handsome boy, a Giant Pacific Octopus, lives in the Seattle Aquarium. His name is Popeye and he lives next door to his female companion, Olive Oil, who is more of a napper. Their two tanks are connected by a water tunnel that will be opened for them on Valentines Day. I might have to fly back to Seattle to see what two Octopi do with each other on Valentines Day. Love, when you have three hearts and nine brains, not to mention eight arms, with salt water as a conductor of electricity, must be quite an experience.

Popeye made quite an impression on me. He looks at people as he floats gracefully along. We were told Octopi can see faces, and tell them apart. There seemed to be a lot of intelligence in that tank. The awareness level of a nine-brained, three-hearted being may far surpass our own. While we need Hubble Telescopes to become aware of our surroundings Octopi may just be able to see it all as they float and commune in silence.

Meet Popeye himself -

And here is what things would be like on Valentine's Day. He sure lights up when he sees her.

Make sure you watch the end of this video - and you'll see what can be done with nine brains.

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