Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas - Awe and Humility

Merry Christmas!

Such nice traditions surround Christmas - and so many controversies. Sometimes it seems that if we all just celebrated things we were sure about - like the longest, most silent night of the year, and our planet's return to the sun - we could all unite in simple yet meaningful celebrations. Reverent celebrations of celestial events would not only unite the world in agreement, but also be quite educational for our children. Focus on our Earth and its place in the universe, with a constant awareness of the universe as a whole, would maybe make us a bit more responsible regarding our planet as well. Awareness of the vastness within which we exist leaves us in awe and humble silence. Much like the lives of people like Jesus, whose birth we celebrate on Christmas, can and should leave us in awe and humble silence.

Awe and humble silence leads to compassion - for others, for animals and plants, and for the Earth itself. Let us unite in this awe, silence and humility - and love and respect one another.

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