Friday, December 5, 2008

Library Journal For Librarians and Teachers Reviews Here You Are

It is always exciting when I get "official" sanctions from the book industry or related organizations like libraries and trade organizations. Today I received a notice that the Oneota Reading Journal from the Decorah Public Library and Luther College, endorsed by the Iowa State Librarian, reviewed and liked Here You Are. Teachers, principals, reading specialists, and librarians use the Oneota Reading Journal Reviews reviews to inform their purchasing decisions for their classrooms, homes and libraries.

Here is the review by Caitlin M. Sanders -

"This is a refreshing picture book that is perfect for starting a discussion with children about who we are, how everything was created, and why we are here. The questions it raises are those that every human being asks at one point or another. These questions are a common thread throughout humanity and therefore transcend cultural and religious boundaries. The simple yet exquisite illustrations compliment the text to provide a meaningful experience for all readers." (CMS)

Thank You Ms. Sanders!

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