Monday, November 10, 2008

A Thank You Letter To My Readers

Dear Readers of Here You Are (the Blog)!

Thank You all so much!!! for checking in regularly. I was so amazed to learn that so many people read this blog all over the world. Over 800 readers so far with about 200 checking in regularly every month. How come you are all so shy and don't leave comments? Maybe you just don't have time - understandable these days. Or maybe you don't want your opinions written "in stone" on someone's blog - that's understandable, too. Remember you can always comment anonymously to protect your privacy.

A silent, attentive audience is of course wonderful, and I am very happy.

Well - it is a miracle of our times that what I write here is read in Asia, Russia, Europe, Australia, South America and all over the US, including Hawaii. I was even contacted by a Malaysian Newspaper to contribute to Roald Dahl Day a few months ago, which put my opinion in print on the streets of Kuala Lumpur on a Sunday (see Sept 13th post). I feel very grateful to all of you. Thank You all for your interest. I hope to continue to keep it fun and interesting.

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