Saturday, November 8, 2008

Where No One Is Missing

We returned from Florida yesterday, sad and tired. Sleep will work miracles once we get around to it. We celebrated the lives of "Buffy and Pa" with lots of tears and laughter, walks on the beach and many hugs. We met many of their friends. Sweet old ladies stopped by with soups, sandwiches and cookies day after day to feed us while we cleaned out their house. Their deaths within two days of each other turned into a romantic love story that made the front page news of the local news paper. Phone calls and condolence cards keep coming, and lawyers are figuring out the estate.

Now it is back to our own lives, but without the occasional conversations and letters from the people who looked over us from afar for all these many years. It feels perfectly natural and perfectly strange.

My mind takes refuge in emptiness - that way I rest from all the memories of the past, the imaginations of where my parents-in-law might be now, their future legacy and all the other stories told all week. As enjoyable and necessary as these reflections all were - my joy is to be in the present here, now were we all are eternal and infinite, where no-one is ever missing, and we all live together as One. Love has taught me this.

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