Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Favorite Story For Brad Pitt

So Angelina is not pregnant, after all, after just giving birth to twins four months ago. Who would have thought?

But - just in case, here is one of my favorite stories - for "poor, exhausted Brad Pitt":

A man, at the end of his rope, drags himself to the rabbi and collapses at the rabbi's feet and starts sobbing. "Rabbi, I am exhausted, desperate, and can find no way out. My life has become nothing but suffering and a great struggle. I can barely feed my wife and my twelve children. We live in a tiny house with her parents, go without food many days, and the overwhelming demands of our large family threaten to take my wife's health, and mine as well. The noise, the chaos, the need, and the suffering - it is all too much. And then, today - I found out that she is pregnant again, Rabbi. Please Rabbi, I am at the end. Please tell me, what am I to do?" The rabbi takes a moment to think, and then turns to him and says:

"Moshe, just stop! You have done enough!"

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