Thursday, November 13, 2008

And Then There Is E8

Claudio Rocchini /e8 graph as 2-dimensional projection, by Peter McMullen

Have you heard of E8? It is quite beautiful and also an extraordinary accomplishment of the human mind. Listen to this announcement in Congress:

It may not be such a recent discovery, though.

On (the Garrett Lisi video below takes 20 minutes but is a pretty good explanation of what E8 is all about) - a woman commented on this talk:

"So, I learned that a circle has one degree of symmetry; a sphere has three; a space whose symmetries are described by E8 has 248 symmetries.

Then I went back to the Kabbalah book I was reading, called The Tree of Life, and read: . . . each one of the five Partzufim, which are in every single world includes all 248 limbs. . .
Another way of saying that is: each level of reality or each universe consists of 248 vessels . . . and these 248 vessels exist everywhere, eternally.

Vessels in Kabbalah are essentially a condensed form of Light or divine consciousness.
It just struck me that Garrett Lisi is saying some things that are similar to what Rabbi Isaac Luria taught in 1570."

A picture's worth a thousand words - so watch these additional short videos to get more of a sense of E8.

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