Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday's MeditationMom Moment - Floating Into Nothingness

Q: I used to meditate quite regularly (maybe just for 30 mins or so each day) but I took on some extra work and this prevented me from meditating for quite some time. On Friday night I decided to meditate again, and something amazing happened. It's quite hard to explain so bare with me.

In full Lotus, in a pitch black room by a window I could hear the sound of the wind blowing, as it was quite a rough night outside. I closed my eyes and counted by breaths to clear my mind. My thoughts vanished, and I became mindful. This is a bit weird but, my mind felt like it expanded. I could still hear the wind but it was not a distraction - I was aware of it but was not thinking about it. It was quite a calming situation. My entire self felt like I had floated a few feet above my body, like I was detached from my body and floating in nothingness. This is what I mean when I say my mind felt like it expanded. It was as if my true self disassociated or detached itself from my body. I was in, what felt like a perfect relaxing state of nothingness, like this, for about 4 hours.

I had never experienced anything like this when meditating before. Are any of you fine folks able to explain this to me? This happened again when I was meditating yesterday. To be honest, I have never been so calm and relaxed in my life, since this happened.

MM: Your mind wants an explanation. None is needed. Would you ask anyone for an explanation if you had just had the most calming, relaxing orgasm ever?

That being said know that this stillness and nothingness which is beyond your body and mind, is your true identity, your true Self. As you return to your old self, this old self is looking for an explanation. In a way it wants to own the experience as in "this happened to ME". Ask yourself "To whom did this happen?" At the time there was no-one there - it is the only way it can happen. But in hindsight it seems that it happened to you. This "you" is thinking of something in the past, and maybe hoping for the same experience again in the future.

While you meditate this "thinking you" disappears and you unite with who you really are - THAT. We describe it as this nothingness and peace but it is really quite beyond words. At the danger of inflating your false Self - you are very fortunate at having "achieved" this level of meditation. Drop the idea that you reached some great level of meditation, though, and you will stay relaxed and open to this becoming "you", more and more - as in I AM.

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