Monday, January 30, 2012

Here You Are... And You Smile, And You Are Happy

Well - posting on this blog by taking every line from "Here You Are" and following where it would lead on the Internet has taken me all over the place - some stories - I still have to figure out how to write about. And I learned so much - even just discovering who has written old songs we all know so well.

UFOs, Morgellons, embryonic stem cell use in vaccine production and food flavor enhancement research so we can be made to eat even more, cancer cures, smarter energy solutions, solar flares, the compromised earth magnetic field, pollution - it is endless. So many controversial issues, so much tragedy as well as fear mongering, so much surprise, so many hoaxes, and in the good news departments the amazing inventions we already have and most people don't know about, are mind-boggling.

How to keep track, how to figure out what is true and what is spin? TMI - too much information, maybe - then again - we all need to wake up to how all our decisions affect everything around us. We are still young when it comes to the Internet age. And we all need to learn how to evaluate information. Deception and exploitation for power and profit as well as delusions of righteousness - as old as the earth - seem nonetheless unscientific and short sighted and something we should grow out of in a big hurry if we want to progress as a species. 

One needs to keep wondering, and wondering and wondering - searching and searching and searching for the truth of things - and then let it go... to find solace, serenity, peace, and joy in the here and now where what Buddhists call "right action" and true creativity can take place.

Keep wondering... keep searching... keep letting go (that's the secret, and why we need to remember... who we are)... and then keep smiling, no matter - what we know, no matter what we don't know, no matter what is going on. Once you remember who you are, you are free. Until then - practice. Some people suffer and cry in silence while others complain. Some people suffer, and keep smiling. The one who is free cries and smiles, but is finished with suffering.

I didn't know that Charlie Chaplin had written this song :-)  

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