Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here You Are... Wondering ... How Everything Vanishes, Into Nothing... BBC DocumentaryPhilosophy

... Like The Waves, On A Calm Summer's Day, Into The Mirror-Like Lake.

Nothing has been debated and fought over for centuries. Philosophers have the greatest difficulty with it as their minds are in the way, ending up in nihilistic hell. True "nothing" has been experienced only by the few - and they do not attempt to define it.

Where does the flame go when the wind takes it? Where does the child go when cancer takes it? This heaven, this nothing is absolute non-resistance as in absolute trust and love. Something to practice in life and find in death. This is Heaven, this is the Great Nothing - God herself, beyond time and space, pregnant with all there ever was, is, and will be. Even Atheists are right - God does not exist in our limited understanding of existence. And they are wrong also. God contains all possibilities - even his non-existence.

Alice: "I see nothing."
Cheshire Cat: "My. You have good eyes. (Lewis Carrol)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Here You Are...Wondering... How Everything Appears Out Of Nowhere ... Lawrence Krauss Lecture

...Like The Waves Rise Up From The Sea...

Lawrence Krauss is one of our brilliant physicists. Brilliant physicists can make you laugh like Buddhist masters can, as they try to put into words the nature or existence. Why we even try to do this for each other is the mystery of love - mutually "destructive" enlightenment to balance the constructs of our minds.