Friday, October 19, 2007

Small Steps Like These

I had been warned of course, how hard it was to blog regularly. And so I have learned. Yet, every day there is something worth posting if one finds the time to do it. So, here a mundane post, but maybe quite valuable.

I just made my book available in full on Google Book Search as an ebook. (It will take a few more days to have it pop up as Google is swamped with customers for its latest service - another genius idea). I also am thinking of finally only sending out email Christmas cards this year. And - I will spend quite some time this week entering my catalogs at to reduce the amazing load of paper arriving in my mailbox every single day that goes right into the trashcan.

Small steps like these -

Talking about small steps, or small deeds. This morning a baby started smiling at me at a cafe, and a few seconds later he leaped out of his Mom's arms, with his own little arms spread wide to give me a hug. I had to literally catch him, gave him a hug back, and handed him back to his proud Mama. The lingering joy of a little ten second event like this is hard to describe.