Tuesday, April 14, 2009

James Taylor's Wisdom

As James Taylor sings - love is the only road.


The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time
Any fool can do it
There ain't nothing to it
Nobody knows how we got to
The top of the hill
But since we're on our way down
We might as well enjoy the ride

The secret of love is in opening up your heart
It's okay to feel afraid
But don't let that stand in your way
'Cause anyone knows that love is the only road
And since we're only here for a while
Might as well show some style
Give us a smile

Isn't it a lovely ride
Sliding down
Gliding down
Try not to try too hard
It's just a lovely ride

Now the thing about time is that time
Isn't really real
It's just your point of view
How does it feel for you
Einstein said he could never understand it all
Planets spinning through space
The smile upon your face
Welcome to the human race

Some kind of lovely ride
I'll be sliding down
I'll be gliding down
Try not to try too hard
It's just a lovely ride

Isn't it a lovely ride
Sliding down
Gliding down
Try not to try too hard
It's just a lovely ride

Now the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday's MeditationMom Moment - Truth, Religion And Music

Q: MeditationMom - are you a Muslim?

MM: No, except that if someone were to ask me to deny the statement "there is no God, but God" I would have to willingly go to my death instead. Like Galileo I would have to die for that truth. It is not just a religious truth but also a scientific one. I am not sure Muslims think of this statement as I do, but to me this is one of the most profound religious, even scientific, statements ever made.

All the religions are like flowers to me - beautiful. How can you chose? The truth on the other hand is like the earth to me, out of which all the different flowers grow. Few are interested in the earth rather than the beautiful flowers.

All the guardians of the flowers - the priests and imams are in competition with each other, forgetting the shared source of their flowers. This shared source is what the original teachings are all about. One earth - one truth - infinite varieties of flowers and religions. All beautiful and yet - incomplete - destined to return to the earth. Both beautiful and ugly flowers rot and return to the earth to make fertile soil. Which flower tells the whole truth about the earth? None. They are a distraction - and a secret message.

Q: You're an atheist then.

MM: No, Atheists hate all the religions. I love all the religions - although, not all of the churches and religious organizations that are run by corrupt and power-hungry humans.

Religions and religious ideas are beautiful to me - like music - even though my true love is silence, and truth. Religions, even though, as atheists point out, bring out the worst in human beings - also have brought out the very best, not just in the arts, but also in insight and human potential.

Religions can be extremely helpful, or a great hindrance to truth - just like music to silence, or passion to love, or knowledge to science. Music can create a sort of peace, harmony and serenity out of chaotic noise, and it is a good first step towards silence.

Just like music, religions are a good first step towards truth, but need to be left behind eventually. Like Jesus or Mohammad - one needs some quiet time in the desert or in a cave away from the churches and mosques in order to meditate and discover truth.

Atheists deny the existence of God with such conviction, as if they knew. This is just another form of belief, not knowledge. I do not deny the existence of God - although I will point out that there is no God as far as most people's idea of God is concerned. There is nothing that is not God. Therefore any discussions whether God exists or not - how do we go about it? It is such a challenge.

Q: Not to mention all the horrible music that is out there parading as music.

MM: Yes, there is that - and horrible teachings parading as religion. We need to develop that in us that can discern the true from the false. Utmost awareness and sensitivity is needed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ask Yourself...

Ask Yourself - is your bank account and stock portfolio half-full or half-empty? It will tell you how well you will survive the financial crisis!

White House Vegetable Garden

I can't get the White House vegetable garden out of my mind. It makes me too happy to think about. You mean the White House NEVER ACTUALLY HAD a vegetable garden?

It feels as if the fundamental thing that may be wrong with our society has just been discovered.

No question, these will be very expensive vegetables, but no different from the expensive Christmas tree. Although to many a sweet religious symbol, it also very much symbolizes wealth and heartless consumption. To me it always comes with the images of freezing little hands lighting last matches while peeking through frozen glass into homes with cooked geese on the table and velveted children receiving their colorful dolls and trains.

A vegetable garden on the other hand, and a first lady and her children digging in the dirt, is a symbol of gratitude, humility, and appreciation for where all of our wealth and happiness ultimately comes from - the food from the ground and the work it takes to grow it.

When the food runs out - or a few steps further down the line, when the money runs out, as it has and still is - thanks to all the thieves and charlatans out there - it is time to turn the soil, fertilize and replant, and not to sell rotten vegetables or even stones for food, as some of our bailout plans seem to do. I hope the First Gardener knows this and can get rid of the slugs.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday's MeditationMom Moment - Son Of God Or Prophet

Q: Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God, while Muslims believe he was a prophet like Mohammad. What do you think of this idea that he is the son of God - even the only son of God?

MM: Jesus himself said that we are all the children of God - just like him. Begotten means "by seed". It makes no sense to take this literally, unless you believe in aliens.

Spiritually understood, this "seed", "God's seed" is waiting to sprout within all of us. It is our longing for re-union. The longing that drives everything - all of material, physical life, and spiritual life alike. "Father" means our origin, our source which could just as easily be called "Mother", or the Infinite and Eternal. The trouble always arises when the material mind interprets spiritual teachings. That is why so many spiritual teachings used to be kept secret.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Overheard In New York

Funniest Blog - Overheard In New York

Reminds me of a restaurant sign in Seattle:

"Unattended Children will be given a double cappuccino and a free puppy."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monday's MeditationMom Moment - 2012

Q: What is your opinion of all the recent talk about aliens, UFOs, and even the idea that our religions may be based on contact with aliens of higher intelligence?

MM: It is a mystery for now. All that is needed is getting in touch with our own higher intelligence. It seems to be more and more urgent. People claim to be after the truth, but if they looked deeply inside they would discover that they are driven by a subtle form of greed and fear. There is always greed and fear involved in not knowing about something.

What is the difference between the ideas of angels and demons, or benevolent aliens and reptilians whispering into our ears - or "taking over" or "coming to our rescue"? It is still all about the freedom to exercise our own conscience and wisdom, while among all the noise and mayhem in each situation we find ourselves in.

Q: But what about governments possibly covering up the truth - all the data that seems to exist?

MM: Have you ever kept information from your children or parents? Either to protect yourself, or to protect them from knowing something? The timing for all truths to be revealed depends on the maturity of the receiver of information, in this case large populations of all kinds of cultural backgrounds, and the wisdom of the giver of information, in this case all kinds of governments, both benevolent and violent. Therein lies the problem - mature mobs and wise governments. Both are hard to come by. It has always been the problem - for all truths - scientific, or religious - to come to light. Once maturity appears, wisdom appears, and truth comes to light. Mobs and governments are made of the same people and have an interdependent relationship.

Q: What do you think about the predictions that the world will come to an end in 2012?

MM: It is based on an interpretation of the Mayan Calendar. Interpretation is not exact.

We are living on a tiny speck of dust flying though space at mind boggling speed, spinning around a gigantic fireball of nuclear explosions while working hard on our own capabilities to throw nuclear weapons at each other here on Earth. Meteors have hit the Earth numerous times and most likely will again in the future. The dinosaurs didn't make it, and the Mayans vanished without a trace from the planet - which should give us pause, and it has. All physical life is fragile at all times. Doomed in fact.

Every new day is a miracle! A thousand more new days, more than anyone could ask. A billion more years ... that idea may just be too boring for people.

Everybody's world comes to an end after only 80 years or so, give or take a few years or decades. No reason to stop living, or worry too much about dying while we are here. What does it mean to be alive for these precious few moments within this vast eternity? As we speak , thousands are dying NOW, today, and even more are born to see a new day.

Q: Well - what DOES it mean?

MM: It has no meaning. It is pure joy. Don't ruin it with worries about "the end". The end will always come - in the end - not necessarily in 2012. Every end is a beginning in disguise. The seed dies and a giant oak tree appears. People try to protect themselves from what they fear in the future and miss life and even start killing each other, as well as the planet their life depends on. Life is happening only here at this moment. In this very moment, life is eternal. Abide in it - always - and all will be well. Be kind to each other! Be peaceful, and simply enjoy quietly. This is the way to eternal life. Forget immortality - it does not exist.

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