Friday, February 19, 2010

And Then There Is Japanese Humor

Everyone in my house is asking me what on earth made me think of googling "Japanese Pranks". I am stunned myself. Life is very mysterious. Maybe I was in need of a good belly laugh, or maybe some of my readers are, and the Universe thought: "Hey, easy!"

What I do know now, though, is that the Japanese must have far more freedom within their legal system than we do here in the US. My youngest son immediately wanted to move there after watching these videos. A kid knows freedom when he sees it.

Do not watch these videos if you have heart problems, and call your doctor immediately if you experience laughing for more than four hours. Other possible side effects include dizziness, watery eyes, cramps, trouble breathing and/or fainting.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

British Humor

The best thing that can happen to the mind is the unexpected. It wakes us up for a moment. It is why we love to laugh and why laughing is so healthy for our bodies, minds and souls.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Wise Man's Wife

Meet my dear friend, Diana Lorence. The first time I met Diana several years ago, she was in the middle of a long period of silence. As you can imagine, we got along great from the start. We had been invited to meet her and her husband by good friends on whose property they lived. Thus we  became part of an ongoing philosophical inquiry into the deeper truths of life, lead by her Gentleman Philosopher husband, Michael. 

Of course, someone like me, highly inclined to skip the pursuit of logic and reason in order to go straight into silence and meditation, would end up in a philosophical inquiry gathering. Only someone like Michael and Diana would be able to hold me there, as their disciplined pursuit of reason had resulted in humility rather than the arrogance usually encountered in philosophical circles. Also, Michael allowed all reason and logic to come to its logical conclusion of silence whenever the point of divine paradox was reached. There were many beautiful periods of deep, knowing silences of true and peaceful "don't know" moments created by our conversations. Much like a beautiful vase created by the highest principles of pottery serves to frame the empty space inside, these conversations, created with the help of  the highest forms of Western thought, served to frame our silences. 

The Lorences reside in a small, sacred dwelling in the Northern California mountains. For years they have lived mostly in retreat from the world in order to free themselves to pursue a life of virtue and inquiry. With Diana asking the questions, and Michael devoted to utmost truth and disciplined philosophical reasoning, they spend their days in contemplation, and living their highest truth as they discover it. This is both a joyful and very difficult path, as all true paths are.

The fruit of their labor has been of great benefit and inspiration to all the people whose lives they have touched, both by their life choices and during their fireside conversations with friends. Up until recently it was mostly Michael who gently guided these meetings and conversations. Suddenly, people wanted to hear what "The Wise Man's Wife" had to say, and that is how she received her name... and, how Michael suddenly was referred to as "The Wise Man". Amusing "titles" in today's world, and yet highly appropriate for these two wonderful, and truly wise people. 

The new website that has been created for "The Wise Man's Wife" gives a surprisingly accurate flavor of their spirit and intention, now expressed in a whole new way by Diana in her own meetings. Many people from all over the world and from all kinds of different backgrounds are drawn to her. Especially women were interested to hear her views,  wanting to relate to her experience of a life lived with such pure intention - until their husbands naturally felt drawn to the same talks. 

A door has been opened for the world to find her and partake of her light and love. Don't miss this beautiful and graceful wife of a wise man. Here is the website with contact information as well as  many more photos, comments, and stories of how people have been touched and inspired. Don't be surprised if the website itself gives you a sense of instantly feeling connected with something true and essential to human well being. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hush Little Baby (Yo-Yo Ma and Bobbie McFerrin)

Today's music treat. Maybe a little too upbeat to actually put a baby to sleep, but very sweet.