Saturday, July 25, 2009


Moving throws you into the material world as you try to put your new home together. There is so much Stuff to deal with and you feel sillier and sillier as you attend to it all. It is easy to forget how much stuff there is when things just sit peacefully in their cupboards.

Donations are the key to success and thank goodness for Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Interestingly you cannot give any child-related items away anymore, like toys or even car seats, because of the new lead laws.

Every single item that ends up in children's hands now has to be guaranteed to be lead-free. This is good, of course. But - like all good things - it has its disadvantages. All those things in my household that are highly unlikely to be a lead problem could not go to places that distribute things to those who need it. Well - with the help of a friend I found takers myself. But - it was an interesting challenge.