Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sound On Water

Over 3.000.000 hits on YouTube for this video. The demonstration is somewhat mundane, yet fascinating due to the fact that this may just be quite important in-formation and we subconsciously recognize that this is something to pay attention to. After all we are 50% - 70% water ourselves, including our brain which can be up to 90% water depending on age. What happens to water happens to us and our children.

The vibration we subject ourselves to will match and invite similar vibrations - be that viruses or people. Since we cannot control all influences on us in our environment we need to know that we have an always available antidote to incoming vibrations which is our own thoughts, and even better, our stillness. That is how so-called miracle healing happens around the enlightened ones - they are masters of thought and no-thought and can meet and neutralize any discordant thought pattern they encounter.

One of the most powerful thoughts we can have is "Thank You" and it is important to learn to get into a habit of not only thinking it often, but also for no reason and against all reason. If someone hurts us physically or emotionally meeting it with "Thank You" in our mind neutralizes all long term harm. Not "Thank You" to them for what they are doing, but simply as an independent, powerful thought to replace all other thoughts that want to come in that always prove to be more destructive in the long run than the original pain inflicted on us.

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