Friday, January 30, 2009

Shriner Children's Hospital

A very nice lady of the Daughters of the Nile Organization discovered Here You Are on the Internet and is delivering boxes of Here You Are to all 22 Shriner Children's Hospitals in the US next week. Shriner Children's Hospitals provide free care to children. The faithful US Postal Service was processing all the boxes this afternoon without complaint. This has been my dream all along to get the books to children in hospitals.

Before Here You Are was published, two doctor's wives and a nurse told me that Here You Are would be perfect for children in hospitals, which surprised me at the time but made sense. Especially, since my greatest suffering in life that has formed my own character and insights, has come from long separations from my parents during hospital stays as a very young child. No wonder my book would speak to that part within us that may wonder about loneliness and alone-ness only to discover the wholeness that doesn't know anything of separation.

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