Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Entanglement And Pointlessness


When scientists are lost for words like the enlightened ones because their discoveries are close to impossible to describe - we are on to something - even if it is ancient news. The outer reflects the inner. Ancient texts and sages describe all of these things in detail, and it is exciting to see Western scientists catching up.

Entanglement is still an idea suggesting time and space, even though the idea of instant information over significant distances starts to hint at the truth of stillness and oneness where time and space only exist as potential. When a meditation student gets to this point he usually exclaims. "Well, now what?!" - which always gives the master a good belly laugh. Or, as a Berkeley Physics Professor friend asked me a bit annoyed once: "Well, what would be the point?"

There is no point to the truth. That is why it eludes us for so long, because we like there to be a point. The truth that sets us free from all questions is pointless, or it would not be the final truth.

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