Saturday, January 10, 2009

BBC Documentary On Physics

The Scientists are catching up with the mystics - with M-Theory. The past resistance amongst physicists to infinite parallel universes surprised me. It would seem obvious. Thinking we are the only universe seems childish - equal to our past, in which we thought we were the only "world", and flat at that.

If truly in touch with infinity, eternity and stillness - as possible through meditation - the idea of constants for example, like the speed of light, the magnetic force, the nuclear force etc., are a dead give-away that this can only be one version of an infinite variety of universes.

As recommended - when one does not understand something - as in how could scientists be so blind for so long - one needs to follow the money trail. Physics is subject to fads and fashions, and funding that follows them, determined by "gurus who dictate the direction in which new ideas grow" quoting super gravity theorist and defender of the 11th dimension and infinite parallel universes, Micheal Duff of the University of Michigan.

The following clips are a nice summary of physics so far. But - even after all this work, we are thrown back into cause and effect thinking - as now we have a cause for the Big Bang. Now we need to find out how membranes are created - when and out of what. Even if we create universes in our basements in the future, as suggested by one of the scientists whose name is not given in the videos, it still does not explain much, except maybe who we think God might be from then on - just a kid in a basement feeling creative. No question this could make us feel a bit more significant in our infinite insignificance.

Mystics are hard to impress. A mystic does not try to describe the physical universe or explain its cause with logical math equations, which is what physicists and cosmologists try to do. A mystic may resort to poetry, but mostly only tries to remind people to be still long enough to remember for themselves. This is another law of existence - that this knowledge is available to anyone regardless of material resources for discovery.

The nature of existence - all of existence including infinite universes - is stillness. We can unite with this stillness and know! One tiny step out of that stillness, in other words, the tiniest movement imaginable, creates time and space in which all universes and all infinite variety grows, and from which everything eventually again returns home. This home is beyond cause and effect, time, space or movement. It is nothing but infinite potential. The empty moment before creation is not the cause of creation but its origin and its destination, much like the emptiness in a teacup is not the cause of the tea one drinks from it.

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