Friday, January 9, 2009

Environment And Religion

Maybe it is high time to adopt a more peaceful way of eating.

It would be hard to call oneself an environmentalist without a good dose of humility at least, if one were still eating meat considering the facts in the following video.

Or call oneself truly religious, or spiritual, considering the quoted scriptures in this video.

Or even feel too good if one were still "just" eating fish.

But, we need to know that it is also quite encouraging how much one can influence things for the better, including ones own health, by just adopting a vegetarian diet, or at least by drastically reducing ones meat intake.

Something tells me, though, I wouldn't be allowed to show these videos at assembly in my son's school. These simple, measurable facts that demand immediate attention hit at the core of what people can't face. The urgent need for very fundamental and "painful" change while there is still hope.

Every child I know, who has ever witnessed a slaughter has stopped eating meat or even fish, naturally, until getting "talked out of it" by adults, or not being offered alternatives. The same happens to adults. Part of the problem is that we have lost traditional knowledge of how to cook and eat properly as vegetarians. Much education is needed. Most adults are also frighteningly brainwashed regarding the necessity of meat consumption even though most scientific facts point in the opposite direction.

As we go against nature in our practices at these alarming levels, nature will make balance on its own if the YouTube informed consumer doesn't do it beforehand. Antibiotics will become useless and new diseases will be bread in the food we produce in such unwise, cruel and inhumane ways. A more peaceful way of eating may no longer be just a spiritual or health conscious choice. It may become the only choice. According to the above clips - there is a definite urgency to figure this out within the next few decades or we will have to face the natural consequences of our actions. When all the suffering we have caused these animals returns to us there will be much suffering for all of us indeed. There already is, but few see the connection of the food we eat with the increased levels of depression, anxiety and violence in our societies.

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