Friday, October 31, 2008

Rest In Peace

Grandma passed away in the early morning hours in Florida yesterday. Her last card to us - a Halloween card sitting on my nine year old's desk, is still making the same spooky noises when you open it up and see her familiar handwriting. I wonder how long the little computer chip battery will last. I still have her voice on my voice mail, too. I wonder how often Comcast will let me save it.

There is such a wonderful peace in death, especially when, as in her case, there was a year long, painful battle with cancer after decades of rheumatic arthritis. It is the same peace we try to cultivate in meditation so it becomes part of our life and we can enjoy it here. It eluded her much of her life as it eludes many, but she found it in the end - or rather - when she was down and out and weak and surrendered - it found her.

As I learned from an Indian Mystic a long time ago - we just have to get out of our own way. Then we can truly discover ourselves as peace itself - or rather - finally peace can find us as peace. If missed in life, in death it is the gift, the treasure and the love we have been looking for our whole life.

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