Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday's MeditatioMom Moment - Legs And Brains

Q: My question is related to the practice of meditation. I have recently started to meditate or try to at least after reading some books and online resources on the subject. I have found that I seem to get stuck at a certain level where my body is relaxed, my breathing is deep but my mind seems to stay active and I cannot seem to settle it.

MM: Ask yourself "Who" is trying to settle it? Who is that exactly? Who is trying to settle who's mind? Two entities? One? This may sound silly, but really, try to get to the bottom of this.

Also, have compassion for your dear old brain. Parts of the brain go through a bit of an alarmed state when we suddenly start to meditate. Blood-flow gets redirected from the back to the front, but not without a fight. It is somewhat similar to what your legs may go through as you start sitting in one posture for a long time. It is not what legs are made for. Your feet may fall asleep, they may hurt, you might be fidgety etc. It's not much different for the brain.

Patience and practice will move you, slowly but surely, towards freedom.

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Some fun with restless legs...

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