Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chopin, Shining Eyes, And Auschwitz

This talk is about children, music, death, and about what we tend to loose, and can regain with little effort. I am grateful for the children of the world, my own children and now my grandchild, who make my own eyes shine every day. If we look within, and around, with a listening heart, our eyes would be shining at all times, like the still enlightened eyes of our children.

Regarding the last story told in this video, there are many teachings that explain that if you don't relate to people and situations in life with the full awareness of death, you miss life. This awareness of death should not be confused with the intellectual understanding of death which can lead to a morose sense of fatality, melodrama, sentimentality, depression, indifference, fear or denial.

With the actual full awareness of death, on the other hand, every "Good Bye" and every "Hello" becomes very much alive, and every "I love you" becomes eternal, waking deep joy in the heart. Death disappears - in direct proportion to the strength of love and trust.

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