Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Pot Game

Today we had twenty third-graders descend on our house and had a blast. After boat rides to see the baby sea lions, and climbing up everything that could be conquered, we played "The Pot Game" - a German game where you hide some goodies under a big cooking pot, and blindfold a child who crawls around on the floor with a metal cooking spoon (wooden ones break) to yelling and screaming by all the other friends of "HOT", "COLD", "WARM", "WARMER", "HOT","HOTTER, HOTTER, HOTTER, YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

The main surprise under the pot was a small stuffed animal. We figured they were still just young enough. And they were - loving and hugging their fluffy new treasures and choosing cute names after lengthy discussions.

We were convinced we now did indeed have fourth graders, though, when half an hour later we found them all upstairs, very busy, catapulting their furry little puppies and kittens high through the air against the walls, and into all corners of my son's bedroom, with the very efficient catapult our older son had built in high school physics during his senior year several years ago.

Time flies.

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