Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Crossing Guard

Every morning when I drive my son, a few streets before we get to school, there he is - a tall, skinny, handsome, baseball-capped crossing guard who could be Senator Obama's little brother. He waves and smiles at every single person who drives around the corner where he is keeping the children who cross the street at that particular intersection, safe. It's a friendly "Isn't it a beautiful day" kind of wave. He has turned a boring job into something interesting, putting a smile on hundreds of people's faces - every morning and again in the afternoons. It's funny how well you think you know someone, or you think someone knows you, when you just smile and wave at them twice every day.

He does it in such a way, too, that it seems like he is happy to see you, recognizing each driver in a very relaxed way. This man is definitely present in each moment - a good quality in a crossing guard!

Tomorrow I will surprise him with a copy of Here You Are when I drive by.

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