Thursday, June 5, 2008


Last weekend I attended the BEA (Book Expo America) in Los Angeles with a book signing at noon on Friday. I am happy to report that the books flew off my table faster than I could sign my name, and when it was time to give up my table I had to send people away. At first I thought; "Oh,well - they are for free after all" - but then an insider told me: "Oh no, dear, all samples are for free here, but people hate to carry more stuff around. If they asked for your book, they really wanted it."

It's true - the show is gigantic and everybody has miles to cover through several buildings. I was sore for three days afterwards. The show is mostly attended by professionals in the book industry and as such was a great education. It is small and much less intense in comparison to the magazine and computer industry that I am used to, which was nice and relaxing even though I was new to it all.

A lot of people suffer from self-importance at these shows and it was a relief to laugh with the down to earth, old, Italian cabdriver on the way to the airport when his cell phone went off. A loud whistle and a woman yelling "TAXI!!!" was his ring tone. In the middle of the highway while we were speeding to the airport, this was highly confusing and very funny. I gave him a signed book for his grand children.

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