Friday, May 23, 2008

Spiritual Ego

Are you a spiritual person? Well - you better not think of yourself that way or you will fall into the trap of spiritual ego. Whatever we identify with - we will think it is superior to others - or what others identify with. Why? Because we have chosen it over other identifications for certain reasons which make all other people, deep down in our minds, less wonderful than ourselves.

It is actually quite difficult to snap out of it. One way is to remind ourselves of how very un-spiritual we actually are. The gigantic log in our own eye versus the splinter in other people's eyes we are trying to inspire them to take out, is a good way to remember this. That is where humility comes in. To get to this elusive humility requires surrender to our powerlessness, and recognizing this powerlessness as the source of our being. It is one way to dislodge the mechanism of false identification.

We are not who we think we are, nor who other people think we are, nor are they who we think they are. So who are we then? It is beyond thought. When we have no thought it can be discovered.

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