Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day Brunch

Just in case anyone may be wondering...I am the best Mom in the World! I have it in writing - many times over - and after 29 years of Mother's Day Cards, it still melts my heart. Maybe I'll get these cards framed like the PhDs on my doctor's walls.

Today my son's third grade class put on an early Mother's Day Brunch, complete with salads from their vegetable garden, chocolate cake, and many choices of salad dressings, drinks, cookies and jelly beans. Then skits for entertainment. The Moms weren't allowed to lift a finger and many of us were surprised by how awkward that felt. The kids were on a mission to spoil us. Since we are in California - this naturally included neck and shoulder massages while we were munching on our jelly beans.

Triumphant grins everywhere by the time the Moms were sent home, without having to clean up the classroom!

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