Sunday, May 25, 2008

Peaceful Eyes

Taking the idea of the logs and the splinters in our eyes a little further this morning I was considering the difference between teachers and preachers. My own shortcomings have been pointed out to me by the self-righteous and by the humble. The difference is vast. The loud moralists aren't even worth writing about. The true teachers defy words.

My husband quietly singing Eric Clapton's "Before you accuse me", or an old policeman who once stopped me for speeding, just asking me quietly: "Please, not so fast" and then not giving me a ticket - are two favorite examples of how I have been humbled into instant improvement. And the quiet, wide open look or smile of a child has more than once reminded me of the right course of action or in-action.

This look is also in the eyes of the wise ones. In both the child and the wise, there is no judgment, but absolute knowing of right and wrong. This absence of judgment is an absence of resistance to our behavior. It is giving us free will to be as stupid, mean and ridiculous as we need to be without forming an opinion about it.

Considering the split in our endlessly commenting minds we need to do the same internally for ourselves. In other words, we need to be a silent, compassionate, all knowing, non-judgmental presence to ourselves, rather than the constantly commenting critic. As we become whole and good that way, we regain the peaceful joy in our hearts and eyes we knew as children.

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