Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Segway Fun

Here is a someone on a Segway.

Yesterday was the first time I tried this form of transportation on a tour of Angle Island. The Segway takes but ten minutes to learn - even for timid old ladies, which was the majority in our group.

Segways are much more comfortable, and safer than a bicycle. They do make you look like a lazy dork who should be using his or her legs for walking, and you get a lot of disapproving looks from frugal hikers. Usually I am that frugal hiker, and it was amusing to find myself on the other side of this relationship.

Once you try a Segway, you learn that after an hour you can barely move your legs because you got so much toning exercise. It feels like being on skis, or on a horse all day, because the Segway constantly wants to move, and you control it by slightly shifting your weight at all times.

Segways have enough power storage to last for 19 miles - at 1 cent a mile!!! - after which you simply plug it back into a regular outlet to recharge. According to our guide, the inventor's dream was for everyone to have one in their garage, plugged in right next to their cars, and use it whenever a whole car was not needed.

The best thing is it feels like flying, because you can simply lean forward and spread your wings, Titanic style. It made me feel like a kid to try something new that was so much fun.

Kids Lego Segway Race Video

And then there are the wild ones - another video.

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