Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Power of Words on Water Crystalization

The "F" word. There are many defenders and fans. I am not one of them. It is such a satisfying word to so many and in such casual use, though, it seems silly to be "against" it, especially for someone like me who understands how silly it is to be "against" anything that exists in creation. That does not mean that I don't make clear choices when it comes to my own actions.

At the Kushi Institute studying Macrobiotics, we learned that people who again and again use words that have the "k" sound in it to express themselves and their feelings, may be suffering from liver congestion. Liver congestion causes anger and impatience. So it is seen as a symptom of an imbalance, not as a spiritual or moral problem. The people that use this word the most, from what I have been able to observe over the years, are drug - and especially, Cocaine addicts.

It is a harsh word as far as sound is concerned. Sex can be debasing and ugly - the way the word seems to describe it. For some though, it can reach the level of sacred, and for most it is somewhere in between. People now seem to be compromising, by replacing the old "F" word, with the word "frickin' " - with a nice soft "n" at the end, and the guttural "u" replaced with a chirpy "ri". Many say "Friggin' " softening the "k" sound with a "g". Maybe people are getting healthier. Although, my little guy still thinks this is a bad word, too. It still has that "k" in it. Think of other words - like "kill", "kick" - oh, well - and then there is "kids", and "Kinder" in German. Either the theory is all wrong or people carry around just a little bit of hostility towards children and babies...

Healthier and more sensitive people, especially children, and some oriental people I have observed, cringe when they hear someone say those kinds of words. I have seen it many times. It is not a moral or spiritual outrage reaction. It seems to literally cause physical discomfort.

I am reminded of two things. One is Osho's famous "F" discourse, where this famous Indian Philosophy professor turned Mystic and Spiritual Master, poses that when the "highest" word and concept in one's language - in our case "God" - gets lost and set aside, the whole mentality and level of consciousness and sensitivity in a culture, goes all the way downwards.

Here is the YouTube link.
It is a very funny video about the many grammatical uses and variations of the "F"word. It is so funny that the spiritual message gets lost if you don't pay close attention in the very beginning.

The other thing I am reminded of, are the water crystal images of Dr. Emoto, a Japanese scientist who has photographed water in the process of freezing and arranging itself into crystal patterns while saying certain words. Interestingly, it isn't the sound, but the idea, maybe the brainwaves, or thought vibrations, that shape the crystal's respective harmony and beauty, or ugliness. In other words, it doesn't matter in what language a thought or word is uttered. See the difference between "Hitler" and "Thank You". I have to do more research on how this was done and how repeatable an experiment this is, but just what I have seen and read about this so far, is pretty interesting and makes sense to me.

Here is the link to Dr Emoto's website
and the link to the Amazon Page to find his many books.

Previously in this post I had a few crystal pictures for you, but they disappeared. You'll have to go to Dr. Emoto's website to see how differently love and hate crystallize in water.

On the website there are also images of polluted water, and clean mountain spring water, as well as polluted water that has been prayed over. Prayer - not surprisingly - even if it is not "logical" - can be healing and beautiful, especially when it is not a form of begging, but an expression of love, appreciation and gratitude.

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