Wednesday, February 13, 2008

50 Times Around The Sun

Today is my Birthday. I have flown around the sun 50 times. Before the next 50 rounds are done, it will most likely be over. Strange. It doesn't seem like even a moment in time.

So many phone calls, hugs, emails, from the ones I love that have made me smile today. Thank you all. We are only here for a while and to make each other smile is what we are here for. What else could possibly be more important?

You know who else made me smile today? Southwest Airlines, Banana Republic and the Dr Laura Schlessinger radio program - they all somehow knew it was my birthday. How scary is that? Now I am stuck with very positive associations for these three "best friends".


Paula Berg - Southwest Airlines said...

Happy Birthday, Mayke. I work for Southwest Airlines, and I just happend to stumble across your blog while I was looking for other Southwest news. Glad to hear we could bring a smile to your face on your special day.

Paula Berg
Southwest Airlines
Dallas, TX

Mayke Beckmann Briggs said...

Thanks for the additional birthday wishes, Paula. It is always fun to hear who visits my blog. Another smile -

I love Southwest and use it all the time to visit my kids in Seattle and LA.