Monday, February 4, 2008

More Contrast Needed

Today I asked our eight-year-old to write a classified ad for me - just for fun. He loves to help Mom with Here You Are, loves to work on the computer, and loves to make some extra money with "chores" - in that order. Not only did he give me a lesson on needing "more contrast" in the little Photoshop Ad I was working on, but then, after I left him to his own devices. came up with this Classified Ad. I must admit I was surprised about the words he chose, and how he hit the nail on the head. He was very pleased with himself.

A Book for a Calm Mind
To get us to our Inner Self :-)
And to be one with our Nature

Oh - and here is the Photoshop Ad, too. Grading and contrast by my young PR agent. He was right - more contrast is good. Let's keep that in mind - it's good for all of us!

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