Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stretch Your Mind, Then Drop It

The answer to all the questions anyone could ever come up with - the final answer - is found in deepest stillness. This sounds "silly and simple" in direct proportion to a person's perception and experience of stillness and silence. Once this infinite and eternal stillness is known, there is no need to know anything else, yet infinite things can be studied for fun and in order to change whatever one would like to change - be it for survival, pleasure or just because it would be interesting.

It is like the "needs versus wants" thing. We want to know a million and one things about the universe and beyond, but we only need to know one thing. This one thing is accessible to all through meditation and stillness. The depth possible of this stillness and meditation is in direst proportion to a person's lack of fear and ability to trust and love. This may sound easy - and it is - but it can be as impossible as the professor trying to find the glasses that are sitting on top of his own head.

So here is an interesting video. It is an attempt to understand with the mind what ultimately is inaccessible to the mind. To have some fun with the mind, though, this one is a nice yoga stretch into the ninth and tenth dimension. Don't hurt yourself! Don't worry if you don't get it one or two dimensions past the fourth or fifth. It's OK. You'll want to understand all the dimensions, but you only need to understand the dimension before the first, and after the last.

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