Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chew On This

The most basic advice often offers the most powerful results, yet can be the most difficult to follow. If we ask ourselves what is preventing us, most of the time we have to admit that it is a lack of presence, gratitude, peacefulness, and all the other good qualities we embody but are temporarily out of touch with.

My oldest son at age ten once chewed a mouthful of brown rice 1000 times. 50 times is recommended for healthy people to maintain their health, 100 times for people who are sick. If we practice this, the most simple food becomes infinitely delicious and satisfying. And foods our body doesn't want, are easily recognized. It used to be natural for people to eat this way when food was less abundant, in order to make each mouthful last as long as possible.

Gandhi said to drink our food, and to chew our liquids. The following video explains the science behind it. Health is wealth is wholeness is holiness. If we can slow ourselves down enough, at least for chewing, breathing, lovemaking and interacting with each other and our children - everything can once again feel sacred and precious, rather than mundane and replaceable. Happy chewing, everyone!

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