Saturday, August 9, 2008

Light Of Consciousness

Here You Are has a beautifully written review coming up this fall in Light of Consciousness Magazine. They very intelligently and knowingly describe the very essence of Here You Are.

The Magazine itself is an inspiring collection of higher spiritual wisdom and guidance by Swami Amar Jyoti, and life in the community that has formed around him.

Here You Are, by Mayke Beckmann Briggs; Hardcover, 40 pp,
10.5x8.5, $16.95; Boathouse Books 2007;
The non-dualistic path of self-inquiry—“Who am I?”—is
conveyed to children in this delightful book. Inside the cover
page (in small type for the grownups) is a quote by
Ramana Maharshi that says, in part: “If you find out the
truth about yourself and discover your own source,
this is all that is required.” Here you are, it begins,
standing on the ground. The text is simple; the colorful chalk
drawings are whimsical and sweet. We end by touching love as big
as the sky and read: Here you are. The whole is a joy. For ages 4-8.

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