Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stuck Or Amused?

I spend time each day reading other people's blogs. Here are two blogs I enjoy a lot -two very different ones. One is Ted.com and the other is DailyDroool. Ted.com is by smart people getting together discussing anything from computer technology to science and enlightenment - with fascinating lectures about ways and wishes to change the world for the better. The problems of the world are defined, and interesting solution presented.

Daily Droool on the other hand, is by one smart Mom in Seattle, who is stuck at home with her baby. She has a funny, self-deprecating, honest way of writing about it all. Her blog is to the point, and not cluttered with product reviews for the "shop untill you feel better" crowd. It's about the husband who is a vegetarian, the dog who is well, a dog, and the baby, who is endlessly fascinating, frustrating, adorable, and inspiring unique insight, with Mom on the emotional roller coaster. There are the useful restaurant reviews and the funny video clips about sex while "married with children".

This young Mom's blog is interesting because it is a great peek into how difficult this spiritual path of motherhood is - especially in the beginning, ... middle and end. What end? It is the ultimate heart versus brain battle. The smarter you are the harder the battle. It's hard to admit you feel stuck at home, and bored and frustrated with your child when you are, and there truly is an art to writing about it. There are very specific antidotes to feelings. The antidote to feeling stuck is to feel amused. Maybe this is why this Mom's blog works so well - she does on some level always end up being amused by it all.This blogger gets it off her chest in a way that lets you know how much she loves her husband, baby and dog. As the posts accumulate and you read them in a row it is great to watch how things get resolved - sometimes seemingly by themselves.

The grass grows by itself.

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