Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Every Day Is Earthday

Today was Earth Day - and because my little guy was sick we missed it. Until we remembered it. I guess the TV wasn't on enough for us to notice at the beginning of the day. But later in the evening, when we did notice - he went outside. His hands were chaffed and he held them into the rain and returned triumphantly with soft, moist skin.

Daily at school he learns about global warming, salmon dying, air and water being polluted, and comes home sad about it all. His favorite "show" is "Planet Earth" which we watch together three nights a week to balance the dying earth visions in his head. I reassure him that the earth knows how to heal itself and that many, many smart people are all working on better cars, and cleaning up the water and air. Lucky he was asleep on the airplane last month when they were showing a bee documentary. Bees are dying by the millions. The beekeepers blame a new nicotine based insecticide by Bayer - but "more studies are needed" as always, just like with autism, which parents connect with immunizations. No-one has proof - so let's err on the side of spraying nervous system destroying chemicals on our crops, and injecting foreign proteins into our babies - by people who do mean well, but have a profit motive.

Now I feel sad. Maybe I'll go outside for a while and look at the moon on the water.

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