Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here You Are...Wondering...Who Made Everything?...Show Me God...Papaji

"God, of course!"

This is the response of many children to this page in Here You Are ... and with glee at knowing this, and even sometimes with a hint of exasperation that one could ask such a question - even if their parents never taught them about God. I cannot count the many raised eyebrows and astonished expressions of parents I have seen, when they hear this from their children. This keeps surprising me, too.

God needs no description or definition in a child's mind. It/he/she is just the explanation for everything. With this answer they simply return to the peace of their hearts before the questions arose in the first place. Not even the faithful gain such peace from their beliefs of God as such and such, nor Physicist from their idea of a singularity, nor atheists from their idea of no-God-at-all, as a child does from just the idea of "God". It is the first question in Here You Are because it is the first question almost every child asks when they are very, very young. By five they have forgotten that they once asked the question and feel wise and grown up "knowing" the answer :-)

Trouble starts when adults talk too much about who or what God is. "God" is a good answer - in and of itself - to everything as long as we don't add endlessly to this answer, but instead remain in "not knowing", or as Buddhists call it "Beginner's Mind",  a child's mind. It is OK to remain with the mystery and wonder of it all, and our inner knowing of what Papaji used to call "that", or what Jesus called the kingdom of God within. Children are so close to the kingdom of heaven, because they are aware of what is beyond words, thinking, believing, denying, etc. and their love and trust is still perfect in its innocence.

It is better to simply see God than to believe or know or say anything about God. All we have to do is wake up. Suddenly all we see is God, while before the world was full of good and evil and everything in-between.

This video shows how hard and how easy it is to drop one's mind, and to stop lying (re-lying on logic), so God can come into plain sight. To be fair, I have seen Physicists laugh like that when trying to explain quantum physics. All religion, and all science, is logical only to a point.  It is a good sign when we find ourselves suddenly laughing again like children!

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