Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here You Are...Wondering...About Day And Night...Bill Cosby

...or Night and Day.

The better version of the video below that includes Bill Cosby, had the embedding code disabled so you have to go directly to YouTube for this classic treat.

Mrs, fun, smart, fiercely loving mother and wife, lawyer...Michelle Obama comes to mind. Couple that with our first black, not Bill Clinton, but Fox's David Palmer  ( Dennis Haysbert)...and you know why even Republicans voted for Barack Obama.

The Cosby Show contributed greatly to breaking down racial stereotypes in this country... and so did Fox. We live in interesting times. Day and Night keeps turning into Night and Day. Newsmax, for example, another part of the Fox empire, is outright revolutionary when it comes to Alternative Medicine information, taking on the medical and pharmaceutical industry and their many scams, even exposing the harm done to our health by meat consumption, vaccines and antibiotics. Something old hippies could only dream of, thirty years ago. It takes the powerful to challenge the ones in power.

Or, just a great sense of humor.

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